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Recent Wikipedia / Wikitruth Coverage.

Wikipedia Ripe for Political Dirty Tricks
By Shannon McCaffrey
Associated Press Writer
Apr 28, 2006
Montgomery Advertiser

Political operatives are covertly rewriting - or defacing - candidates' biographical entries to make the boss look good or the opponent look ridiculous.

As a result, political campaigns are monitoring the Web site more closely than ever this election year.

Revisions made by Capitol Hill staffers became so frequent and disruptive earlier this year that Wikipedia temporarily blocked access to the site from some congressional Internet addresses. The pranks included bumping up the age of the Senate's oldest member, West Virginia's Robert Byrd, from 88 to 180, and giving crude names to other lawmakers. [Go to the complete story >>>]

Is Wikipedia Handing Out Your Browsing Information to Thousands?
By Gilbert Wesley Purdy.
April 22, 2006
Wiki Watchdog

Any user, it would appear, is provided access to the browser information of anyone who checks onto any editing platform throughout all public Wikipedia pages! That is, anyone who becomes a registered user can view the browser information by virtue of the mere fact of having registered. Adminstrator status is not required. Thus the following "Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents" chat thread in which I am freely and publically defamed, my personal information is posted and a plan is discussed about attacking me via that information:... [Go to the complete story >>>]

Wales Discusses Political Bias on Wikipedia
by Mark Glaser
April 21, 2006
Media Shift

I have had my own direct experience with editors of the Keith Olbermann page which suggests this is the case. I edit a blog called Olbermann Watch . Not that it was ever my goal in life but I am now the leading blog critic of Keith Olbermann and a recognized authority on Keith Olbermann (citation: quoted in Washington Post, New York Observer, Hartford Courant, Online Journalism Review, etc.).

Not only do I know a great deal about Keith Olbermann, I also have a good deal of familiarity with some of the Wikipedia editors who have watch-listed his entry — liberal fans of Keith Olbermann. Some of these fan/editors have declared online that the Keith Olbermann page is their “pet project” and, not surprisingly, the entry reads more like a “fan site” than an encyclopedia entry. Some of these editors have openly sought to use that page to market their own fan sites and forums. Not surprisingly, the Keith Olbermann entry is massively non-NPOV. [Go to the complete interview >>>]

Wikipedia Founder Calls Protest Site Wikitruth 'A Hoax'
by Antone Gonsalves
April 17, 2006
TechWeb News

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales on Monday claimed that a protest Web site reportedly launched by contributors to the online encyclopedia is a "hoax."

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the site called Wikitruth was launched by a dozen Wikipedia administrators who were unhappy with what they believed to be the gradual deterioration of the site. [Go to complete story >>>]

A thirst for knowledge
Andrew Orlowski
Thursday April 13, 2006
The Guardian

...Robert McHenry, a former editor-in-chief of Encyclopaedia Britannica, has described Wikipedia as "a game without consequences". BBC Radio 1's afternoon DJs recently took turns to deface each other's entries live on air. MPs have joined in, too. But as Skip begins to guide me through the arcane and often Kafkaesque bureaucracy of Wikipedia, vandalism starts to look like the least of its problems.

Skip isn't his real name or his Wikipedia identity. It's a pseudonym the 30-year-old Silicon Valley IT professional uses as he documents the inner machinations of the project, along with a dozen other Wikipedia administrators, on a site called WikiTruth ( [Go to complete story >>>]

Wikipedia - separating fact from fiction
By Martin Hickman and Genevieve Roberts
February 13, 2006
New Zealand Herald

...Wikipedia (wiki wiki means 'quick' in Hawaiian) was founded in January 2001 as a sideline to the Numedia encyclopaedia being written by experts for an American company, Bomis, whose main interest was internet pornography.

In 2003, Bomis handed the burgeoning encyclopaedia to a not-for-profit organisation headed by one of its executives, the Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.

The Wikipedia Foundation is funded by public donations and has just three employees, a lead software developer, Wales's assistant and an intern.

But there is an army of between 600 and 1,000 unpaid administrators, developers, stewards and bureaucrats, who maintain the site.

A bigger pool of 13,000 regular contributors edits at least five entries a month each.... [Go to complete story >>>]

Online Encyclopedia Is A Gathering For Internet Predators
December 14, 2005
POE News

It has come to the attention of the Parents for the Online Safety of Children (POSC) that there is a underground cabal of pedophiles who edit WikiPedia, trying to make WikiPedia a distribution center for pedophile propaganda. [Go to complete story >>>]

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