Sunday, May 31, 2009

“Ruhama Canellis” Says Secretly Married.

by Gilbert Wesley Purdy

A post dated May 28, 2009, on the site called “Ruhama Canellis” begins as follows:

Today I will marry Alberto Cutié The small and private ceremony will happen early Thursday afternoon at Trinity Cathedral,…
The post is unsigned. No mention of the wedding ceremony is posted at any later date. Another longer version of the post, in Spanish, with the headline “Esta tarde anunciamos que me caso con el Padre Alberto” [“This afternoon we are announcing that Father Alberto and I are being married”], begins with a paragraph of background information:

El padre Alberto Cutié, el sacerdote que perdió su iglesia en Miami Beach después que una revista de farándula publicó a principios de este mes fotos de él con una mujer besándose y abrazándose, abandonará la Arquidiócesis de Miami para unirse a la iglesia episcopal.

[Father Alberto Cutie, the priest who lost his church in Miami Beach after a tabloid magazine published photos of him kissing and embracing a woman at the beginning of this month, will leave the Archdiocese of Miami to join the Episcopal Church.]

It then goes on to say that the person writing the post will be married to Cutie in a small private service that afternoon. It, too, is unsigned. No marriage ceremony is known to have taken place during the day of Alberto Cutie’s reception into the Episcopalian Church, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, on the 28th.

The site “Ruhama Canellis” is found at The domain was registered and immediately offered for sale on May 8, 2009 ― the date the first major media outlet claimed that Ms. Canellis was the woman seen in the tabloid photos with then Father Alberto Cutie. The contact email address it provides for those interested in advertising on the site belongs to high ranking a member of a Miami-based religious cult that has been going after Alberto Cutie and the Roman Catholic Church for years.

At about the time that Alberto Cutie and Ruhama Canellis first entered the physically intimate stage of their relationship, some two years ago, the leader of the cult announced on his television station that then Father Alberto Cutie would be the subject of a major scandal. [Read More>>>]

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