Saturday, May 06, 2006

"...the politics, the lameness, the backstabbing..."

Wiki Watchdog has been getting out a bit lately, learning how to get around within Wikipedia and where to go for insight into how others view the behavior of (rogue?) Wikipedians. There is a lot being said out there. The following excerpted from the chat-page Stumble Upon is among the many amusing comments:

by jaberwocky6669, Apr 25, [2006], 8:17am

What it truly means to be a wikipedian... "You can set up a user account, start editing everything you can find, enmesh yourself into the politics, the lameness, the backstabbing and moronity, and fight an ever-present desperate whirlpooling battle of contract law, miserable personalities and microscopic anal details. You can run out of additional information to add to subjects you know, and instead tunnel deep into shit you don't have the slightest notion about, using your intense knowledge of Wiki-jargon and gaming the system to fight every bastard who tries to change an article in a way you don't agree with, or which might have any information you're unable to garner in the first 5 matches of a Google search. After a while at this, you will look up from your screen, realize you have achieved an expansive case of Secretarial Spread, your computer surrounded with soda, chips and candy, and your hands twitching, wanting to reload the page to see if that meat-turd from Whocaresia dared question your changes to that article on that dead king that someone else is trying to have deleted... ...and congratulations, you are now a Wikipedian."... During my time at Wikipedia I never became embroiledin batttles or edit wars or any conflict. So don't assume that I am disappointed with Wikipedia because something happened to me that I didin't like. [Go to complete thread >>>]

The Watchdog will be mainly about the behavior of Wikipedians. There is clearly a serious problem in that regard, beginning with the idea that what occurs in the anti-Oz called Wikiworld is not to be properly scrutinized by those who the tornado left back in Kansas. At the same time, Wikiworld freely spills over its borders in its wolf-pack attacks on insufficiently wary real-world-ers. [see Is Wikipedia Handing Out Your Browsing Information to Thousands? for just one instance.]

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Jaberwocky6669 said...

Just to be sure, I did not say that which is in quotes! That is from a wiki called Wiki Truth. So don't misquote me!

GWP said...

To 12:20 AM, Jaberwocky6669: 'While I did not in the least misquote Ms. J. I will be glad here to verify that the text in quotes was not her own creation. That is what quotation marks indicate and...' For the rest of my reply to your comment see From the Mailbag: "...meat-turd god-kings...".