Monday, May 15, 2006

'...the "democratic" people's MAFIA...'

Steve Rubel, at Micro Persuasion, upset more than a few Wikipedians and self-professed apathetic-types, when he wrote an article declaring Wikipedia to be King Disruptor III (after Microsoft and Google):

History is about to repeat itself. A successor to Google's throne is waiting in the wings - it's Wikipedia, King Disruptor III. Like its predecessors, Wikipedia is powerful because it provides access to largely accurate information that can be hard to find. This king, however, is unlike any other because it operates in a completely democratic way. It's run by the people, without any grand financial ambitions. This doesn't mean its rule will be perceived solely as a benevolent one, however.

Already, Wikipedia instills a deeper fear than either Google or Microsoft did when they were at such a young age. [Go to complete article >>>]

At least one reader found the piece to be prescient, however:

congratulations for your admirable and CLEAR vision.WIKIPEDIA is it: a "democratic" TIRANY. Very, very, very dangerous. Even more than you described. Too much more!But I admire your courage; and I am really curious how and where did you get it to wrote such an article. Are you not afraid?!... I am very surprised!Wikipedia is a people's tyranny. Jesus Christ was also killed by a people's tyranny. It's the more dangerous type of tyranny.Well... to whom who it may concern: think about that and DEEPLY research Wikipedia structure: the Wikipedia administrators (the "democratic" people's MAFIA), the sysop powers, and so on, and so on...Maybe I am
to[o] frontal, but maybe I know what I am saying.

My best regards Steve Rub-El,Wallis.

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