Thursday, March 08, 2007

Eye Online Breaking Story: Wikipedophillia History Quietly Being Expunged.

On March 4, 2007, Eye Online posted the article Man-Boy Love Advocate Accused of Using Wikipedia to Troll for Interested Parties. Eye Online has just discovered that, since the article appeared, Wikipedia Administrators have bypassed the entire Wikipedia editing/discussion system and have begun deleting/removing a large number of the online encyclopedia's User and Discussion pages containing pedophilia themes.

While this is sure to be represented as a response to the public's sensitivity about such subjects, the question can not help but be asked: Is Wikipedia rapidly trying to destroy the evidence of years of "pedophile trolling" and "pedophile activism" in its pages? Much of it with the knowledge of its Administrators? With this question in mind, EO has begun downloading the Google caches for these pages. No time to waste. Even one of the cache pages has now gone blank. Stay tuned for further reports.

The following are a few example pages:

From Animal Farm - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Squealer: "...his lies to animals of past events they cannot remember refers to the revision of history texts..."

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